Mrs Miller Stockings brings sophistication and allure to every woman’s legs. At Mrs Miller we bring you the true glamour of a bygone age, a time when stockings were presented in a beautiful box, encased in a satin pouch.


Each pair of Mrs Miller stockings are classic 100% nylon. Your stockings come lovingly packed in their own signature box, making them a delight to open and unwrap, adding to the luxurious feeling of slowly pulling them on.  And, for those unforeseen occasions, each box of Mrs Miller Stockings comes with a third stocking - so, if you just happen to get a run in one, no need to lose the pair, just pull on the spare!
You can find Mrs Miller Stockings at 
Viola Boutique 
25 Connaught Street
London W2 2AY

020 7262 2722

The Laslett Hotel 
8 Pembridge Gardens 
W2 4DU
0207 7792 6688